Top Ten FAQ’s

1. What contaminants do Sagan filters remove from water?

Sagan’s AquaPailTM and AquaBrickTM deactivate and remove bacteria, yeast, mold, spores and virus particles from water. They also remove heavy metals, radiation, hydrocarbons and toxins from water, including fluoride and chlorine.

2. Do Sagan Filters remove salt from water?

No. The AquaPailTM and AquaBrickTM are not considered desalinization units and do not remove salt from water.

3. How fast do Sagan Filters work?

The AquaPailTM and AquaBrickTM will generally filter one gallon every 5 minutes. The larger the unit, the faster the filtering process. The smaller AquaPailTM unit, the Lil’ Pail filters approximately one gallon every six minutes.

4. What is the difference between the AquaPailTM and the AquaBrickTM?

The only difference is size, shape and the amount of water each will filter. The filtration media inside is exactly the same and is equally as effective in both.

5. How much water will each AquaPailTM and AquaBrickTM filter?

The general number of gallons each unit will filter is included in the unit name:

  • Villager 5000
  • Homesteader 3000
  • Camper 1000
  • Lil’ Pail 400
  • AquaBrick 2000

 6. What is the shelf life of Sagan Filters?

The AquaPailTM and AquaBrickTM have a 50 year shelf life. The filtration media is all natural and will not mold or mildew.        

7. Do Sagan filters soften water?

Yes. Sagan’s AquaPailTM and AquaBrickTM naturally soften water due to the zeolite contained in the filtration media. T

8. What do I do with my filter when I am done with it?

The filtration media in all Sagan Water Filters is completely natural and organic. Not only is our filtration media totally environmentally friendly when you filter your water with it; when you discard it nothing harmful is released into the ground. No leaching! In fact use the left over filtration media to fertilize your garden for amazing results.

9. Do Sagan Filters us iodine or silver in their water filtration process?

No. While some well known competitors use iodine in silver to filter and purify water Sagan does not.

10. What if my contaminated water is still cloudy after filtering?

If you have filtered exceptionally turbid water with the AquaPailTM or  AquaBrickTM running it through the water filter a second time will generally produce a more crystal clear water. After one filter cycle the water will be safe to drink.