Lil’ Pail Water Filter by AquaPailTM

Lil Pail Water Filtration System by AquaPailTM makes the unthinkable drinkable. This unique, gravity fed, portable water purification system takes any water from anywhere and delivers safe drinking water in a matter of minutes, for personal, family and community use. The purification media deactivates and removes water borne microbial and viral pathogens, spores and heavy metals. The loose filtration media literally deactivates waterborne microbes from even the most contaminated water. It also removes hydrocarbons, radiation, fluoride, chlorine and other harmful substances. Perfect for emergency preparedness, outdoor adventures, humanitarian aid and daily use.

Filters up to 400 gallons of water. Smallest of the four AquaPailTM sizes; Suitable for individual use; great for boating and car emergency kits.

Extraordinary Health Benefits

  • Provides clean, safe, virus and microbial free drinking water from dirty, contaminated water
  • Deactivates and removes bacteria, yeast, mold, spores and virus particles from water
  • Removes heavy metals, radiation, hydrocarbons and toxins from water, including fluoride and chlorine
  • Adds healthy minerals, such as potassium, back into the water
  • Substantially increases conductivity of the water for better health
  • Filtration media is naturally organic and environmentally friendly
  • Naturally softens water

When and Where to Use

  • Every day – to provide pure, clean, healthier water for your family
  • When public water sources are contaminated or unavailable
  • To provide purified water for use with freeze dried/dehydrated food
  • Outdoor activities: Camping, boating, hunting
  • Humanitarian aid for disaster relief
  • Any disaster or emergency

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